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Kayleigh McEnany Tried To Slam Biden For Not Wearing A Face Mask Inside His Home, And Got Instantly Shut Down

Kayleigh McEnany Tried To Slam Biden For Not Wearing A Face Mask Inside His Home, And Got Instantly Shut Down

President Donald Trump's own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that every American wear a face mask or other facial covering when in a public setting.

Given the high rate of asymptomatic carriers of the virus, wearing a mask is effective at preventing the spread of the virus from those who don't know they have it to more vulnerable communities like seniors and those with pre-existing health complications.

Wearing a mask isn't a measure of one's willingness to protect oneself, it's a measure of one's willingness to protect others.

That's why it may not come as a surprise that Trump has shown great reluctance in wearing a mask and a downright refusal to wear one in front of the press, feeling that it makes him look weak.

This is in strong contrast to former Vice President—and presumptive Democratic nominee—Joe Biden, who emerged from his home this Memorial Day weekend with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, to place a wreath on a veterans' memorial near his Delaware home.

Biden's display of decency and deference to science received widespread praise, while Trump's rage-tweeting and golfing saw widespread criticism.

The President's latest White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, attempted to knock Biden down a peg with an awkward observation,

Watch below.

McEnany was addressing Trump's retweet of a criticism from Fox News' Brit Hume, who said the sight of Biden wearing a mask could explain Trump's refusal to do so.

McEnany said:

"The President's excited to see that Joe emerged from his basement. It's a bit peculiar that he doesn't wear a mask in his basement, but he wears one outdoors."

The CDC doesn't recommend wearing a mask in your home or when solely with those who live with you. A mask is only necessary when in public and interacting with those outside your place of residence.

Kayleigh either doesn't know the guidelines or is relying on the willingness of Trump's supporters to take what the administration says at face value.

Either way, the statement was met with ridicule.

The Trump administration is making fairly straightforward—and potentially lifesaving—guidelines confusing.

If you're in public and you don't have a condition that precludes it, please wear a mask.