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Former 'The Apprentice' Contestant Katie Hopkins Shares Video Of Trump 'Off Camera', And People Are Confused

Former 'The Apprentice' Contestant Katie Hopkins Shares Video Of Trump 'Off Camera', And People Are Confused

Donald Trump retweeted a video this week posted by far-right white supremacist and former contestant on Britain's version of The Apprentice, Katie Hopkins.

The video depicts Donald Trump approaching a Trump supporting family and signing a Trump sign, but it was Hopkins's caption that people scratching their heads.

"This is TRUMP off camera."

Except that it's literally on camera, hence the video.

Since her flirtation with fame, she's risen to infamy pushing far-right talking points and conspiracies, including Islamophobia and the discredited theory of white genocide.

And not for nothing but she also said she doesn't like to name kids after locations. And then someone pointed out her daughter is named India, and she didn't get why that was a problem.

That is who Donald Trump retweeted.

If there's one thing we can say about the Trump machine, it's that they know his audience. Somehow, people keep buying the narrative put out.

Despite the clear cognitive dissonance of the video's caption, however, MAGA still ate it up.

But critics of the president were not silent.

Yeah, Katie Hopkins has no idea what "off camera" means.

With Trump, everything is about money.

He just wouldn't be Trump if he wasn't obsessed with money. He literally asks the child if she is rich and has a lot of money.

Trump's self-absorption is not cute.

This whole video was meant to show how Trump takes his time and cares for the average people in the world. Any way you slice it, that is not what happened here.

This entire interaction was about boosting Trump's ego. From the little girl holding the sign, to the compliment paid to his hotel, to even the autograph, this was about Donald Trump.

He couldn't care less about the average person. He cares about the people who hold him up as a celebrity.

But they'll keep pushing this "average guy" narrative no matter the evidence to the contrary.