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Georgia GOP Candidate Says Indigenous People 'Sacrificed' Their Homes For Christians In Wild Speech

Georgia GOP Candidate Says Indigenous People 'Sacrificed' Their Homes For Christians In Wild Speech

Kandiss Taylor, a Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate, became infamous despite poor poll results leading up to Tuesday's GOP primary.

Her most recent misstep involves her speech claiming Indigenous Americans “sacrificed” their homes so Christians could have “freedom.”

Video of the speech was shared by PatriotTakes, a Twitter account dedicated to exposing right-wing extremism.

In the video, Taylor claimed the First Amendment protects the right to worship Jesus freely, which in the strictest technical sense isn’t wrong. But it’s what she said next that is completely absurd.

Taylor said:

“Look at what they went through, the Native Americans, for sacrifice for us to have the freedom that we have today.”

The Indigenous people of the Americas didn’t “sacrifice” for White Christians to have freedom. They had their land stolen and physical and cultural genocide perpetrated by White colonizers—often in the name of religion.

When the United States signed treaties with Indigenous tribes, the government would go on to ignore the terms of the agreements and steal the land they had agreed belonged to the tribe. These stolen lands are referred to as unceded territories.

Taylor’s comments are ignorant of United States history.

Am lot of comments also pointed out the First Amendment doesn’t protect the right to “worship Jesus.”

It is a blanket protection for freedom of and from religion. People can practice the religion of their choice—or no religion at all—without government interference.

Taylor doubled down after the backlash.

Taylor’s campaign seems built in the image of former President Donald Trump with bizarre, grandiose announcements.

Earlier this month, she announced a plan to “stand up to the Luciferian Cabal” and blow up the Georgia Guidestones.

The guidestones, erected in 1979, is a 19-foot-tall monument engraved in eight different languages with recommended rules for humanity should we suffer an apocalypse.

More recently, she attacked her political opponent in the Republican primary, current governor Brian Kemp, for selling out Georgia to the Chinese Communist Party. She failed to explain how Kemp did.

Despite her attacks, Kemp leads in poll results with nearly 50% of the Republican vote in the primary, while Taylor is stuck in the single digits.

No amount of controversy can seem to help her move up.

If there’s some level of comfort, it’s that many of Taylor’s tweets can be interpreted as projection.

The Georgia Republican primary is this on May 24.

Taylor is behind in the Republican pack competing to take GOP Governor Brian Kemp’s seat.

Despite all her bluster, Taylor did not secure an endorsement from former President Donald Trump. Instead, Trump endorsed the candidate currently second in the polls, David Perdue.

We’ll see how it all turns out after the election results come in.