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Pro-Trump GOP Candidate's Campaign Staff Quits Due To His Girlfriend's 'Toxic' Behavior

Pro-Trump GOP Candidate's Campaign Staff Quits Due To His Girlfriend's 'Toxic' Behavior
WKYC Channel 3/YouTube

Republican Josh Mandel of Ohio—a loud and proud Trump supporter who believes the 2020 election was rigged—recently had three staffers quit work on his campaign for the United States Senate.

Two of the former staffers told the Columbus Dispatch they quit due to it being a toxic work environment.

The blame for that toxic work environment is being placed on Mandel's campaign finance director, Rachel Wilson, who is also in a relationship with Mandel. The two apparently began their relationship in August of last year.

According to anonymous sources who spoke to the Columbus Dispatch, it was not unusual for staffers to cry at the office "on a regular basis" due to the unreasonable demands placed on them by Wilson. These included 12-hour workdays and putting up with her cursing at them.

One source said the verbal abuse from Wilson wasn't reserved only for staffers, as the couple would have frequent "blow-out arguments" about Mandel's campaign.

"They'd go out in the hallway and scream at each other."

Mandel recently tweeted he thought the commission investigating the January 6 insurrection should be abolished and replaced with a commission to investigate the nearly non-existent voter fraud instead.

Donald Trump created just such a commission to explain his 2016 popular vote loss. After several months, Trump's handpicked commission concluded there was no widespread voter fraud as Trump claimed.

Mandel recently told the conservative Washington Examiner:

"I'm confident that the results of the commission's investigation of the 2020 election will prove what we all already know that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election."

Twitter had no shortage of criticism for Mandel.

Mandel is no stranger to bizarre controversy.

Earlier this month, he tweeted a 10-second video clip of himself burning a mask in a stairwell.

So perhaps hazardous workplace should be added to the accusations against Mandel?

Don't play with fire, Josh, especially not inside public buildings.