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Woman's 'Ultimate Spaghetti Hack' Has People Feeling All Kinds Of Ways—But Hungry Is Not One Of Them

Woman's 'Ultimate Spaghetti Hack' Has People Feeling All Kinds Of Ways—But Hungry Is Not One Of Them
Josh and Lisa/Facebook

If you ever wander around on Twitter, you may have noticed in the last few days that Prego was trending.

Why might a family-friendly brand of sauce be trending, you might wonder? Did they drop a new recipe?

No, it's actually not Prego's "fault" for trending at all. Rather, it's how the jarred sauce was being utilized by a woman who has since gone viral.

In a video on the "Josh and Lisa" Facebook page, Lisa presented a "life hack" no one asked for and quite frankly no one found the least bit appetizing. The couple uploaded the video back in April on their Facebook page, where it had 2.4 million views, as well as over 12-thousand mostly negative comments.

In the video, Lisa supposedly shared with a friend how she prepares to host a large group of friends for dinner, by utilizing just the island in her kitchen.

The video opens with Lisa opening two industrial-sized Prego jars and emptying the contents directly on her countertop. Throughout the rest of the video, Lisa builds her large spaghetti dish complete with what appear to be store-bought frozen meatballs, copious amounts of parmesan cheese and two large pots worth of steaming spaghetti. As if that were not enough, Lisa also put salad and Italian dressing right up against the still-hot spaghetti, as well as sliced, but not seasoned, Italian loaves of bread.

Lisa gushed over her idea:

"This is the easiest way to make spaghetti for a crowd."
"You don't have to worry about dishes or a mess or anything like that."

At the end of the video as she finished arranging the food, Lisa asked:

"How delicious does this look?"

You can watch the video here:

The video took off again and resulted in Prego's trending fame when YouTuber Jarvis Johnson shared the video on his Twitter profile.

Johnson quipped:

"What a normal and ultimate spaghetti hack!"

But the video was called out by a lot of people as being a stunt designed to get clicks.

Some made jokes.

Whether people thought it was a stunt or not, no one was a fan.

This isn't the first time, either, one of the couple's strange videos garnered copious amounts of negative views.

The couple's goal seems to be to get negative reactions to their videos. Negative watching is going into a video, knowing that you're going to hate the result but then sticking around, and commenting your distaste, anyway.

If the video is monetized, the negativity still earns money for the poster.

Before the "Ultimate Spaghetti Hack," Lisa created a large arrangement of nachos on her countertop, but by the time she mixed everything, including the chips, together, it looked like a strange, brown-orange blob.

Prior to that, she made s'mores with bacon instead of graham crackers.

Before the strange food videos started to drop, the couple shared a video of Lisa's mom's reaction as they shared the news of expecting a baby. Though this video was more wholesome, it totally gave fans the wrong idea of what to expect in the couple's future content.

After breaking the news to Lisa's mom, their content spiraled out of control with pranks and wasted food.

But since they seem to be having fun and making money with their strange concoctions, hopefully someone watching out there is having a few laughs.