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Fitness TikToker Rips Guy At Gym Who Called Woman 'Stupid' For Filming Her Workout

Fitness influencer Joey Swoll slammed a man who was caught on video disparaging TikToker @emmysbakedbeans for filming her workout at the gym.

Split screen of screenshots from @emmysbakedbeans video and Joey Swoll's response video
@emmysbakedbeans/TikTok; @thejoeyswoll/TikTok

Anyone who uses social media at all has inevitably seen a fitness video, whether it's someone demonstrating a new workout for a smaller waist or someone training in the gym.

When it comes to gym videos, most gyms have rules about videotaping in the space,—but as long as a gymgoer follows those rules, recording their own workout is generally allowed.

Some people abuse this privilege by recording the people around them for laughs or by not checking with the person at the machine next to them to see if they're comfortable with also being recorded.

Em of @emmysbakedbeans has been careful about her gym etiquette, however, and has pointed out the importance of gym safety and kindness, including checking with fellow gymgoers about being videotaped and generally keeping them out of the background as much as possible.

That didn't stop a random guy at the gym from criticizing her recently, though, and ruining her workout for the day.

When she was "just trying to get her lift in," a man could be heard criticizing her off-screen.

"Try spending more time working out. It'll help a lot more."
"You just sitting there f**king videotaping yourself the whole time."
"It's stupid. Why [are] you doing it?"

Clearly fed up with the feedback, Em stopped mid-workout to turn off her video.

You can see the original video here:


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Fellow TikTokers were overwhelmingly supportive of Em and criticized the anonymous man's attitude.








Some also pointed out that there were reasons to record besides simply making a video.





The video was swiftly duetted and stitched on TikTok, with fellow TikTokers showing their support for Em, as well as others reminding gymgoers of the importance of checking a gym's policies on videotaping, as well as fellow gymgoers' comfort of potentially being recorded if they passed through a shot.

Fitness influencer Joey Swoll, @thejoeyswoll on TikTok, was similarly supportive of Em after seeing her video. In a response video, he pointed out that he understood why some people were against videotaping in gym spaces, but he argued that it wasn't reason enough to disrespect someone like that.

Swoll explained:

"Listen, I understand why so many people, both men and women, are so upset about filming in gyms."
"But that is never a reason to speak to someone this way and be this disrespectful."

Swoll went on to point out that Em's gym etiquette earned her much more respect than she'd received.

"There are a lot of creators and influencers who have abused [gym policies about recording], but this young woman? She's not one of them."
"I checked her content out. It's great, it's informative, it's done so responsibly, and she's always respectful and never tries to catch people in the background, unless it's her boyfriend."

Addressing Em directly, Swoll stated:

"Em, I just want to say that I'm so sorry that happened to you. Keep up the great work, and please know that if I was in the gym when that man spoke to you that way, I would have had your back."

You can see Joey's reaction video here:


This is NEVER a reason to speak to someone this way. #gymtok #gym #fyp

Though some people are against the idea of videotaping in the gym, most people are recording to track their gains and to check their form rather than just recording a video for social media purposes.

Even if it were for social media, however, that's hardly a reason to criticize someone's work ethic in the gym and to make it an unwelcoming, unsafe space for them to work on their gains.