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Jeff Foxworthy Called Out For Using A Tired Joke Dragging Millennials In His New Netflix Special

Jeff Foxworthy Called Out For Using A Tired Joke Dragging Millennials In His New Netflix Special
R. Diamond/Getty Images

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy released his first stand-up special in a long time. Netflix, in their attempt to keep new and original content on the service, paid for the special to be exclusive to their streaming platform.

Now both are the butt of jokes, as people online make fun of the stale humor the company presumably paid top dollar for.

The Twitter account Netflix Is A Joke, the account used to promote comedy on the platform, shared some screenshots of the new Foxworthy special.

And the joke made is old and tired.

During Foxworthy’s new solo special—the first he’s released in over two decades—he explores observations about older and younger generations.

But not all of these jokes were winners.

When he discussed how he used to play sports, it led to the cringy moment shared by Netflix:

“I played every sport. And it was weird back then.”
“Because if you wanted a trophy, you had to finish in first place. It was nuts.”

The joke is meant to make fun of so-called ‘participation trophies’, the awards given to children in sports who didn’t win. The implication is that being given a trophy for nothing made millennials entitled.

It’s a very old joke, and one that’s been shared far and wide by weird uncles on Facebook.

The internet couldn’t believe that Netflix paid a probably sizeable amount of money for this special.

Despite what the generation of baby boomers might gripe about, it’s hard to believe little bits of plastic that the kids didn’t even want led to an inflated sense of entitlement. Instead, there’s evidence that participation trophies led to millennials having a toxic work/life balance.

Millennials are twice as likely as boomers to be afraid of losing their job, and less likely to use their vacation time. And with the advent of the internet and email, even when they’re off the clock, they’re still working.

Foxworthy’s joke wasn’t really tone-deaf, but old and tired. The fact that such material could make it into a comedy special in the year 2022 is astounding.

To make it funnier, people came up with their own jokes.

Foxworthy’s special The Good Ol’ Days is now streaming on Netflix.