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Jason Momoa Hilariously Bares All To Show Off His Home Gym And Fridge—And We're Sweating

The 'Aquaman' star gave 'Men's Health' a tour of his personal gym and refrigerator with barely a lick of clothing on.

Jason Momoa
Katie Jones/Variety via Getty Images

Jason Momoa gave Men's Health a tour of his personal gym sans most of his clothing.

The Aquaman star and May/June cover model answered the door for his video interview wearing only an open pink bathrobe.

Stop scrolling, it was censored.

He joked to the interviewer:

“I didn’t know you were coming. I woulda got dressed up if I knew."

Momoa showed off the contents of his mostly liquid-filled fridge—which consisted of everything "you need for a growing boy" - before giving the grand tour of his home gym where he took his bike for a spin around his lair whilst completely nude before showing off some of his workout routine... but sporting shorts and boxing gloves.

You can watch the full "Gym and Fridge" video below.

People on social media expressed their gratitude to the publication for their highly informative piece on health and wellness.

People truly admired his dedication to health and well-being and appreciated him sharing all of it.

And in case you haven't seen enough, you can check out his cover photo below.

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