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James Cameron Gives Fans The Middle Finger After Getting Booed For Not Signing Autographs

The famed director let his feelings be known after autograph-seeking fans jeered him for snubbing them following a screening of 'Avatar: The Way of Water.'

Screenshots of James Cameron leaving a theater

Fans hoping to get an autograph from director James Cameron following a special screening of Avatar: The Way of Water didn't get the John Hancock they wanted when he exited the WGA in Beverly Hills, California.

However, what they did eventually got from the Academy Award-winning director was the middle finger.

It didn't take long for disappointed fans to boo and jeer at Cameron for the snub and turn on him by criticizing the movie.

In response to the backlash, Cameron flipped the bird as he was being driven off.

The clash was all caught in a TikTok video that was shared by the Culture Crave Twitter account.

People had some thoughts about his rude gesture.

Others sided with the director and suggested he owes fans nothing.

Some people thought the negative behavior from the fans indicated members of the booing crowd were more interested in exploiting Cameron's autograph for profit.

Cameron is known to be a feisty and impatient director in Hollywood.

But he can also call them as he sees them.

He recently commented on Leonardo DiCaprio's negative attitude in the past, saying that the young actor almost lost out on the role to play Jack Dawson in 1997's Titanic due to his cockiness in the audition room.

Maybe Cameron wasn't feeling particularly chummy on Saturday night due to Avatar 2's opening weekend numbers.

Or perhaps he was annoyed by the jeering crowd because he knew they weren't his real fans

According to Deadline, Avatar: The Way of Water–which cost $350 million to make–fell below the domestic box office prediction range of $150M-$175M on its opening weekend.

However, strong word of mouth and positive reviews could prove beneficial for its long-term success.

With a positive CinemaScore of 91% and 5 stars on ComScore/Screen Engine PostTrak, Avatar 2's future is looking bright.