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Jack Black Leaves Fans In Tears By Singing Young 'School Of Rock' Fan His Favorite Song

In a moment captured on TikTok, Black deftly launched into "In The End Of Time" for 15-year-old Abraham while hosting a TrinityKids Care fundraiser.

Jack Black Leaves Fans In Tears By Singing Young 'School Of Rock' Fan His Favorite Song

A video of actor/musician Jack Black singing a song from his comedy film School of Rock to a young fan in a wheelchair has captured the hearts of thousands of social media users.

Black is famous for his portrayal in the movie as struggling rock guitarist Dewey Finn, who winds up inspiring a group of fourth-graders at a prestigious prep school to invoke their musical talents to win the Battle of the Bands.

The 2003 movie continues to resonate with moviegoers—including 15-year-old Abraham, who is a huge fan of School of Rock.

Abraham met Black through the actor's work with the TrinityKids Care organization, which provides comprehensive pediatric palliative care and hospice services for families involving children who are not expected to reach adulthood.

Abraham, who has been in palliative care with TrinityKids Care for the past year, has a rare mitochondrial disease called Pearson Syndrome.

Pearson Syndrome particularly affects the bone marrow and the pancreas and causes the victim to "feel weak and tired, frequently sick, easily bruise, and take a longer time to stop bleeding when injured," according to Boston Children's Hospital.

There is no cure for the disease, and the existing treatment provides relief from symptoms such as stomach aches and anemia.

Black is a longtime supporter of the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, which funds research and supports patients and families affected by the disease.

The 53-year-old was hosting the Layla Paige and Friends Walk for the hospice program on October 8 when he learned that Abraham was a huge fan of School of Rock.

A nurse introduced them to each other, and when Black learned that “In The End Of Time" was Abraham's favorite song from the movie, Black got down on his knee, held the boy's hand, and busted out a rendition of the tune just for him.

You can watch the special moment captured by Abraham's mother, Veronica, who posted the clip on her TikTok page.


Abraham got to meet Jack Black and sign his favorite part to his Favorite movie “School of Rock” #teamAbraham #CapCut #fyp #FlexEveryAngle

It's not so surprising that the heartwarming video went viral and had social media users reaching for boxes of tissue.

Twitter hailed Black as a national treasure, and they referred to him as an example of the good that still exists in the world and proof that all hope for humanity is not lost.

People even called for the removal of statues representing less venerated historical figures in favor of Black.

Abraham's mother, Veronica told Upworthy:

"It’s almost been a week since the meet and Abraham is still talking about how he got to meet Jack."

Not all heroes wear capes.

Some just rock a beard and sing their way into people's hearts.