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Ivanka Trump Is Getting Trolled After Saying 'We Are Going To The Moon Soon And Mars Thereafter'

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Following the successful launch of a manned SpaceX/NASA rocket on Sunday, November 15, Ivanka Trump tweeted about how "we are going to the moon soon and Mars thereafter."

Although the return to space is doubtless a positive development for America, Ivanka's status as a pariah on Twitter made many wish her message was literal.

Many hoped Ivanka would take her father with her on her trip to Mars.

Many on Twitter pointed out how often the Trump family takes credit for generational successes like this space launch while claiming none of the blame for recent failures.

For some Twitter users, the idea of sending the Trumps millions of miles away was reason enough to re-energize the space program.

Could Ivanka be the first astronaut who is sent into orbit by popular demand?

Have fun on your trip, Ivanka! Feel free to take your time and stay away from Earth for as long as you like.