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Influencer Sparks Outrage After Filming Herself Cleaning Up Beach—Then Leaving Trash Bags Behind

TikToker @TheSocialJoker spoke out after his video of the influencer pretending to clean up the beach went viral.

Influencer cleaning beach and leaving trash bag behind

An influencer has left people outraged after video showed her cleaning up a beach but then leaving the trash behind.

TikToker @TheSocialJoker got the footage from a friend who filmed it on a beach in Bali and uploaded it as an example of how some people performatively do good for social media clout only to reveal their true colors once the cameras are off.

In the footage, the woman is seen picking up trash and placing it into garbage bags as a man films her from various angles. After getting all the footage they wanted, the woman then ditched the trash and skipped off the beach in seeming glee.

You can see the incident below.


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Over the footage, a voiceover narrated:

"How to look like you care for the environment. Part one, get your friend to film you filling up rubbish bags with sticks."
"Part two, now pull off an Oscar-winning performance of you struggling in the wind."
"Part three, celebrate your good deed by doing a sh*tty dance."
"Part four, leave rubbish bags behind once you're done."

In his comments on the incident, @thesocialjoker called the stunt "completely unjust, wrong and immoral."

Scores of viewers on the internet agreed. In the comments on @thesocialjoker's original post of the video, some of them were so angry they wished death upon the woman in the footage.

The TikToker was disturbed by this sentiment.

"What these people did in the video is very wrong and everyone has every right to be angry and outraged about it. I think it's outrageous and completely unacceptable."
"But some of the comments that I have seen on the original post have been actually just as unhinged."
His call for a decorum did little to tamp down the outrage.
People cited the problems tourism by wealthy Australians, Americans and Europeans has caused for once pristine environments and the people who live there.
People were disgusted by the woman's performative do-gooding.

Several commenters on TikTok also called upon people to track down who exactly the woman in the video is and take her to task.