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Someone Found A Guy's High School ID That Had Been Buried On A Beach In Jamaica For 23 Years 😮

Someone Found A Guy's High School ID That Had Been Buried On A Beach In Jamaica For 23 Years 😮
Walter Hupfer/EyeEm/Getty Images, @JRwilldoit/Twitter

After 23 years, lost items tend to stay lost; unless of course they have your name and photo on them.

It's hard enough tracking down items you have lost around the house; when you're talking about a beach in a foreign country, you know you can abandon all hope of ever finding it again.

So imagine the surprise for one California man when out of the blue, a stranger texts him about a high school ID that had been lost for almost a quarter century.

Comedian and podcast host John Hickey shared the incredible story from his brother-in-law Gabriel on Twitter Saturday.

23 years ago, Gabriel lost the ID in Jamaica while babysitting for a family that was on vacation. The last thing he probably expected was a text from a stranger telling him he had found it.

23 years is long time for something to be lost.

In most cases, a text from an unknown number is going to be a waste of time, and that is exactly what Gabriel thought at first, but the person at the other end knew a little too much about him for a stranger.

JR Hickey, Twitter: @JRwilldoit

Someone you don't know having that kind of personal information would be unsettling for anyone.

As it turned out the text was from someone who had found the high school ID Gabriel lost on a Jamaican beach 23 years earlier. After a quick Google search they tracked down Gabriel and got his number.

JR Hickey, Twitter: @JRwilldoit

To make things even more bizarre they had found the lost ID on Gabriel's birthday.

JR Hickey, Twitter: @JRwilldoit

Talk about coincidence.

It may have taken 23 years, but the mystery of the lost ID was finally solved for both Gabriel and the stranger.

JR Hickey, Twitter: @JRwilldoit

Thankfully the story ended in the best possible way. After getting his new address the stranger sent Gabriel his old ID. It will definitely make a great conversation piece.

Like us, John and his Twitter followers were blown away by the story.

Though as one person pointed out Gabriel didn't seem to be as amazed as everyone else.

Fortunately for everyone else though Gabriel took the chance answering the unknown text.

It's enough to make you consider replying to a text from an unknown number. Than again, it's probably just spam.