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People Break Down How Their Genetics Screwed Them Over

"A Redditor asked: 'How did your genetics f**k you over?'"

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Why can't we all have perfect bodies from birth?

And why can't they easily maintain their perfection until death?

That's the dream.

But life and GENETICS always want to play games.

One of the biggest factors in the making of our DNA is genetics.

The family genes are the family genes.

Some you can shed others will just be a lifelong burden.

And most of the billions of us will not be winning the anatomy lottery.

Sad but true.

So we try to make the most of what we're given.

A deleted Redditor wanted to hear about how people felt let down by genetics, so they asked:

"How did your genetics f**k you over?"

A Balance

"Bad eyesight, dumpy body type."

"But I'll die with a full head of hair, so there's that."

- kinyutaka

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Black & White

"I was born colorblind into a family of artists."

- CaptainTime5556

"Monochromacy is exceedingly rare."

"Most colorblind people are still trichromats, just with slight problems determining certain colors because one of their rod groups sees color slightly different than it should, so there is more of an overlap."

"I used to work with a guy who did film grading and color correction professionally and was red-green color blind."

- d4sPopesh1tenthewods

"My best friend is a colorblind art teacher and CRUSHES. The most creative person I know. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!"

- sack_from_the_back

Mirror Mirror

"I am extremely not attractive."

- varthalon

"Can relate. Got my dad's side's receding hairline, big head, and excessive body hair while also getting my mom's side bald spot, bags under the eyes (whether tired or not), and big nose. If I didn't have a beard and was much more pale I'd look like Uncle Fester."

- post920

"I’m sure that’s only genetic, sure some people come out looking like a Greek God, but if you control what you can: weight, hygiene, etc you will probably find yourself much more attractive than you thought possible. Your parents obviously had some desirable traits so don’t bash yourself too much."

- Cpt-Ahoy


"I cannot recognize people's faces well. That being said, I can recognize people using their voices instead."

- britishmetric144

"A guy at my work has this, I always thought he was a bit rude until he mentioned this as I didn't realize it was even a thing - just that he didn't want to say hello to my extroverted self outside of work."

"I work remotely now, moved from England back to Scotland, and rarely visit the office due to distance. However, I visited a few months ago and bumped into him at another site and he was genuinely happy to see me and said oh it's you! I've never felt such warmth from a greeting, knowing he probably didn't recognize my face but knew it was me."

- flanmagnet

Falling Down

"Nearsighted as hell. Trick ankle that folds inward at the worst times (like when carrying a tray of brisket). Clumsy as f**k."

- SilverBorder4398

"Hey Silver, you can always get eye correction surgery (if you’re interested), but a nice pair of glasses can complement your face."

"I have terrible ankles as well, but if you participate in ankle strengthening exercises you can reduce the frequency of rolling your bum ankles. Clumsiness can also be trained as well?"

- Slav-American2021

"I feel your ankle pain. My mom says there was an issue when I was being born that hurt my ankle, and it has always been weak. When I was younger it would randomly just give out. On the bright side, I am very good at falling down. I am an expert at it."

- ShiraCheshire

Highs & Lows

"High testosterone for a girl. I have a deep voice, acne, and tiny boobs. At least the gains come easy 💪🏻."

- 4st7

"I got that one too. Not acne so much but I got no boobies and I get called 'Sir' on the phone at work at least once a week 🙄 Bonus I was fat as a kid and most of the excess weight is in the spare tire region. I’m at a normal weight now but I still have a gut to go with my skinny legs and arms."

- QueenRotidder

"I have had people misgender me all the time on the phone or voice chat too. It becomes really annoying. I also have the same sort of body type too."

- raspberryteehee

Wigged Out

"Mom doesn't have a lot of hair, but the hair she does have is thick, so she looks normal. My aunt has a lot of hair but it's thin. I somehow got the combo of not much hair and the hair I do have is thin."

"And that's the story of why I wear wigs as a 31-year-old woman."

- KnitKnackPattyWhack

Extra Space

"Got a nose you could park a truck in."

- ContributionFar6060

"My husband has an impressive honker, and I've always considered it attractive. I am glad my kid inherited my comparatively small nose, though."

- raisinghellwithtrees

"My mom says that after I was born, she immediately looked at my face to see if I'd gotten her nose. My nose was small and normal, what a relief!"

"For about an hour. Turns out my face was just squished up from the whole being born thing, and once that relaxed I did indeed have the nose."

- ShiraCheshire

Skin Deep

"I got psoriasis."

- zekestyles

"OK call me crazy but I grew up in San Diego with the worst psoriasis imaginable. I spoke to my pediatrician about it (an Arab old man), and he gave me this tube that wasn’t in English and I swear to you, the psoriasis didn’t return for twenty years. He’s since retired, but his son took over the practice, and I’m trying to convince him to give me his dad's number for that sweet, sweet fix."

- Farrahlikefawcett2

"Me too. That crap ruined my early 20s, then I got on a biological injection. Fixed that crap right up. I currently take SkyRizi. It has yet to give me any rizz tho. 🤷♂️"

- MrMagicPantz107


"Big round face."

- CountHonorius

"I'm a 30-year-old guy and have JUST started to look older than 20 years old. Attracting women was hard early on standing next to the sculpted jawline dudes. I guess God had a plan because it started to make an appearance a couple of years ago as the baby fat went away."

"Sure would be a shame if my British genetics caused me to AGE RAPIDLY out of nowhere."

- AngryCrotchCrickets


"I’m going bald, as did every male in my family. Feels like our curse, but we mysteriously married good-looking women."

- Icy_Fisherman_7038

"Okay, I really feel like (at least in the places I've lived) balding is viewed by straight men as this horrible disfiguring unattractive thing, and the majority of women really don't give a f**k about it. I know I don't -- the guy I dated for the first half of my 20's had been bald since he was 16, and I thought he was plenty cute.

"That said, the 'I'm clearly balding and refuse to accept it, so I have long, scraggly, patchy hair combed over a glaring bald spot' look really is pretty bad, in my opinion. It just looks unkempt."

- putafinenoseonit

Broad Bits

"I’m a woman and I have linebacker shoulders. It’s so annoying because when I want to look pretty I feel like the broadness of my shoulders makes it impossible."

- _improbable_civic_

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Danger Zone

"General anesthesia can kill me."

"If the wrong type is administered, and the right treatment isn't available, my muscles contract uncontrollably, my body temp goes through the roof, metabolic acidosis, muscle breakdown... yeah, not fun."

- chjacobsen

"It's hereditary, so family history. Lacking that, the trait is rare and the test is rather invasive, so you'll find out when it happens to you. Fortunately, medical staff have the training to deal with it, so the risk of death is 'just' 5%. However, before effective treatment was discovered, the risk of death was more like 80%. I'm kinda glad I wasn't born earlier."

- chjacobsen


"I was born with a condition called pectus excavatum, which is 'sunken in chest' syndrome.

"I’ve been able to improve the aesthetic look of my chest quite a bit through muscle development, but it has always been and likely always will be my greatest physical source of insecurity."

- RebelliousRoomba

"I have the opposite, pectus carinatum 'pigeon chest' - used to cop a lot of bullying about it when I was a super skinny teen. Mostly s**t like 'haha, uni-boob' or 'chest buster/alien' (admittedly it did look like an aborted attempt by a chest buster to escape its fleshy prison - even leaned into it one Halloween)."

"Started working out when I was about 15 and now the protrusion isn't noticeable at all and actually gives me a pretty massive-looking chest. Bonus points for my doctor once told me the bone is about 2 inches thick and is basically built-in body armor."

- thejugglar

Too Many to List

"Well, let's see- Both my maternal uncles died in their 20s from muscular dystrophy. My Maternal Aunt passed recently from kidney cancer. Their father (my grandpa) died of a similar unknown muscular degenerative condition in his 70s. Paternal grandpa died of a heart attack at 60 and grandma of diabetes and heart failure."

"Dad is diabetic with heart disease and has had skin cancer. Mom had throat cancer and just got diagnosed with Parkinson's at 60, so I likely have that to look forward to as well. She's also a genetic carrier of MD, and I was only spared that by the grace of a second X chromosome."

"I'm so f**ked up with depression and anxiety I haven't managed to get work in the last 7 years of trying my best... Oh, and bonus- I have hypermobility in my joints, so I've already got arthritis at 40. I'm a graphic designer... :( Yeah, my parents had no damn business reproducing."

- Not_a_werecat

So Pale

"I am 5'4, my melon is so white I physically cannot tan I either stay pale or sunburn, I have asthma, and I am lactose intolerant."

"Despite all this, I have plenty of good things in my life and I am happy, however, I would like it if I could gain a few inches in height."

- Cole_the_Coleman

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From lemons to lemonade. That's the best way to make the most of it all, so they say.

But we tend to forget just how sour lemonade can be.

And there is a lot of sour on this list.

It seems unfair to be given issues right from the start.

But at least we know we're not alone in the genetics fail department.

Everybody's got that something.

My eyes are uneven, a family trait.

And not one plastic surgeon on the family tree.

How did you lose the genetic lottery? Let us know in the comments below.