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People Are In Awe Over Video Of Two Bees Working Together To Unscrew Cap From Soda Bottle

People Are In Awe Over Video Of Two Bees Working Together To Unscrew Cap From Soda Bottle

People are having mixed feelings after a video of two honeybees managing to unscrew the lid of a Fanta bottle and then remove it, went viral.

The less-than-10-second video was recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was then posted by ViralHog on YouTube, where it began its viral journey.

The videographer claimed to have been at work on her lunch break when the amazing moment occurred. She received a bottle of orange Fanta from a customer and intended to drink it during her break.

That was at least until some honeybees "stole" the drink away from her.

The videographer explained:

"The video was recorded during my lunch break from work."
"I got a soda from a customer but soon the bees stole it."

In the video, a plastic Fanta bottle with a screw-top lid was sitting on the ground with part of the soda gone. A woman, likely the videographer, could be heard laughing in the background.

Two small honeybees positioned on the sides of the lid appeared to slowly wiggle and turn. Their wings and antennae were visibly fluttering.

In the last possible moment, the lid fell to the ground and their Fanta prize was within their grasp at last.

After being shared on ViralHog, the video has been shared, viewed and commented on across all social platforms.

Reactions have been all across the spectrum in regards to this video, and for good reason!

Some have found it humorous or inspiring.

A few were ready to bow to their new Apidae leaders.

Others were more concerned for the future of the human race.

What a moment to catch on video!

It's known honeybees are intelligent and team-working insects, but unscrewing and removing the lid of a Fanta bottle is some next-level stuff.

People are certainly right to be in awe of these little bees while they do such a spectacular thing.