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Hillary Clinton's Blunt Response To A Memorable Debate Line Just Confirms What We Were All Thinking

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The first 2020 Presidential Debate was held on Tuesday, September 29, and viewers all over America were shocked by the cross-talk and rude behavior from President Donald Trump, who seemed absolutely unable to stop talking during Joe Biden's time.

After moderator Chris Wallace failed to stop the President from interrupting Biden, the former Vice President spoke up, asking Trump to "shut up."

The moment became a favorite for many viewers on Twitter.

The moment was probably especially satisfying for Trump's former debate rival, Hillary Clinton, who no doubt wanted to tell the President the same thing four years ago.

Clinton confirmed how she felt on Twitter!

Clinton's fans would have loved to see her tell Trump off.

Though most media declared Hillary Clinton the winner of all her debates with Trump, it made little difference in the general election.

The President is no stranger to strange behavior during debates.

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have now been in a situation almost no one deserves.

Who knows what the world may have been like if Hillary Clinton had become the President rather than Donald Trump.

One thing is almost certain: these debates would be far more watchable.