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Twitter Freaks Out After Herman Cain's Account Posthumously Tweets Attack On Biden And Harris

Former Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain passed away two weeks ago from complications related to the virus.

This made it incredibly surprising when, after Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his 2020 running mate, Cain's account tweeted a jab at the Democratic candidates.

By the following day, Herman Cain's account, @TheHermanCain, changed its name and profile picture to "The Cain Gang," but not before Twitter collectively lost their minds.

Twitter couldn't help but question the nature of the afterlife. Who knew we could tweet from the other side?

It turns out the announcement of a VP candidate was all it took to raise the dead.

Many online prayed they'd get even more updates from Cain in the future. Some even created a Twitter account dedicated to the Republican's ghost.

Herman Cain's account sent out another message letting its followers know it was being run by Cain's supporters posthumously.

But Twitter wasn't convinced.

The internet age continues to create new and awkward situations for humankind...even from beyond the grave.