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Halloween Party Cocktails 2017: 5 Easy Drink Ideas

Halloween Party Cocktails 2017: 5 Easy Drink Ideas

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Throwing a Halloween party is the best time to experiment and stir up some scary combinations, with or without alcohol, to serve at gatherings of ghosts, goblins and zombies. The easiest recipes use red, green and blue colored fruit flavors like cherry, strawberry, blueberry and lime. Keep in mind that drinks presented in a ghoulish way can get the monster ball started. Serving drinks on trays or in punch bowls with dry ice to bubble it up adds to the spookiness. Plenty of Halloween cups and straws are available to complete the scene.

  1. Beetlejuice Cocktail: If your guests are Halloween movie buffs, they will love this recipe. Vodka and fruity liqueurs mix into creepy greenish brown cocktail. Consider making a big batch and serving in pitchers.
  2. Zombie, Vampire, Mummy and Werewolf: For those who like to challenge themselves with the mixing technique, these Monster mash cocktails in this video are fun to mix in front of guests to see how the liqueurs react to each other. The Werewolf looks luscious with its coffee flavors and Nutella-rimmed glasses.
  3. Rotting Pumpkin, Caramel Apples, and Hemorrhaging Brains: Yes, these are all scary jello shots, some made with molds. They take more time to create and prepare, but are a creepy touch floating in a glass and served on a tray. These are good treats to make ahead of time. Be careful to label which ones contain alcohol, as many can be made without the vodka. Floating Eyeballs: Zombie fans will slurp these up. They can take a little prep time but make a great ice breaker as a first drink for arriving guests. Serve these non-alcoholic floaters in blood orange soda to amp up the creep factor.
  4. Spooky Sangria: If you're looking for cocktails in the Halloween spirit, but not so gruesome, try more flavors that celebrate the autumn season in color and bounty. Check out this dark beautiful Spooky Sangria made with red wine. Add a chip of dry ice to get it bubbling and fogging when served.
  5. Black Halloween Punch: A quick, simple non-alcoholic punch can be fun for the kids, too. The floating hand in the punch bowl will be the talk of the party. The key to making any black liquid: use purple and orange drink mixes. For the ice chunk floater: fill a rubber glove with water, tie it off and freeze. Dip it in warm water and peel off glove. Gently drop into the filled punch bowl. This would work with red flavor punch, too.