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Guy Wins Christmas By Dressing Up Like A Christmas Tree And Walking Around New York City πŸŽ„πŸ˜‚


Joe Jonas is known for a lot of stuff. He's a talented musician, a decent actor, kind of hilarious, giving, and part of an incredibly famous family. We may need to add "photojournalist" to the nearly-endless list of cool stuff Joe Jonas is good at. He was out for a stroll through New York and managed to snag something on camera that is so New York it's not even funny. A walking Christmas Tree. In a smaller city, someone dressed up as a tree would have drawn a crowd, strange looks and maybe even some shouts. In New York, though, it was business as usual.

Joe caught a 13 second video of the "tree"just strolling along. Joe gets a thumbs up from the shrubbery as it passes him, and others in the street barely react. The tree gets a few glances as it passes people but that's about it. New Yorkers don't seem too worried about a guy in a tree suit with pants painted to look like a trunk. If anything, we appreciate the commitment.

Joe added a soundtrack and shared the video on Twitter.

We don't know who's hiding in all that foliage - but we know Twitter loves them.

Eventually the tree spoke up - and let us know it's not alone!

New Yorkers, be ready! Apparently there's a troop of sentient Christmas Trees hidden in plain sight. They could be anywhere! Ahh, we love Christmas in New York.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter