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Guy Accidentally Sends His Aunt To The Hospital After Intense Game Of Wii Tennis Takes An Awkward Turn

Guy Accidentally Sends His Aunt To The Hospital After Intense Game Of Wii Tennis Takes An Awkward Turn

A competitive sports enthusiast was reunited with his Wii at a family reunion and put the old gaming console and accompanying three-dimensional movement detecting remote through its paces for some nostalgic fun.

Little did he know that a virtual game of tennis would wind up being a contact sport.

One that would send his aunt to the hospital.

"TIFU by slapping my aunt's boob," wrote Redditor "elalexsantos" in the popular "Today I F'd Up" subReddit.

"I know judging from the title that this may seem ridiculous but please hear me out."
"We had a family reunion at my grandma's place a few days ago and in that house were many objects that were of sentimental value to me."
"One of those objects was an old Nintendo Wii that me and my cousins used to play when we were younger."
"Obviously we fired that bad boy up and we played Wii Sports."


"Bowling was fine, I won easily. Golf was fun too as we just started horsing around at that point (my cousins and I)."
"We started playing tennis and it was pretty tame at first but then we agreed to put some money on the line and that's when things went batsh*t crazy. Everyone started sweating like a CSGO player smurfing in silver when they played."

The OP was in it to win it but ultimately lost control.

"Unfortunately during one of my bouts, my aunt was extremely close to me and I was not aware of this as was extremely focused in the game."
"Without any awareness of the impending hazard, I swung my forearm as hard as I could and I accidentally b*tch slapped her boob."


Auntie took a quite the hit.

"It was so hard that the silicone implants in her breasts was flipped and was now presenting the boob as a convex slope."
"We had to cut the reunion party short and bring her to the hospital because she was in so much pain."

At first, Redditors had every intention of telling him that this too shall pass.

But then they reached the part mentioning the boob's repositioning.

"I came here, as an aunt, to tell you that she probably won't even remember in ten minutes. Then I saw the silicone and hospital part and yeah..."
"...yeah, she'll remember." – ricctp6
"I don't know what I was f'kin' expecting when I started to read this story, but I'm crying laughing now." – Paaandabeaaar


Reactions ranged from laughter to repulsion.

"Jesus that's horrifying to imagine an implant flipping. Didn't even know it's a thing, but of course it is I guess."
"Creeps me out to the max." – ascension8438
"Oh my god! This would be mortifying for me! Don't worry though. These are the incidents that are bought up at family dinners for a round of laughter!" – Saberwolf-1
"That is disgusting." – Whosayswho2

You never know how far Redditors will go with their comments to get those upvotes.

"There were many items in that house of sentimental value to me"
"Was your aunts boob one of those things?" – TheShadowsVengeance


The Reddit jury required evidence to validate the story.

"We don't believe you. Need some proof." – tunaheads
"If there are no pictures of your aunt's boob, it didn't happen :)" – flatbroke1967
"Hey so, hello! I'm sure I and other scientific minded redditors could really use a picture of the breast."
"This is purely for scientific reasons, I may even write my thesis on the physics of cosmetic implants and this would greatly help me and others in my position." – Pancake_Parade


One Redditor familiar with the pain commiserated with poor auntie, while another was discouraged from undergoing cosmetic surgery.

"As someone who got breast implants two weeks ago this is my freaking nightmare."
"Hope they gave her the strong stuff at the hospital cause holy shit that hurts." – Deerman-Beerman
"Well that completely solidifies my choice to stay away from plastic surgery. Ouch" – Nazail


Could this have been prevented?


"I mean yeah you f'ked up LOL but isn't it a little ignorant of her that she walked in your personal space and not seeing you guys swing your arms while playing WII TENNIS."
"it was surely an accident at its finest though, It wasn't intentional and you were both unaware of each others actions (her being in your space not knowing you were going to swing like that and you not realizing she was there because you were so focused)."
"I hope it all gets rectified easily but it might be a costly procedure!" – PulseStopper
"I mean, technically it's her FU. She should'nt get close to you when you are doing some physical activity." – CaptainShadow45

There was one burning question.

"Jesus, did you win??" – jdub9388

While we do not know the final outcome of the bet, we can confirm that the OP had quite the dramatic follow through near the doubles sideline.

If you're feeling nostalgic, the Wii console and Wii Sports package is available here.