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Guy Banned From Dating App After Responding To Woman's Question With Fat-Shaming Reply


Fatphobia is rampant in popular culture.

It's nothing new, with a history dating back to the turn of the 20th century, when fatness was swapped with thinness as a sign of wealth in the upper-class.

Fat-shaming shows up everywhere—with young girls the age of eight and young boys the age of five, all the way up to celebrities like James Corden and Lizzo.

Now, it shows up as body shaming of women on dating apps like Bumble, where women are given the power to message matches first.

Florence Simpson shared her firsthand experience with fatphobia on the app. Her honesty resulted in the offender, Ben, getting banned by the app entirely.

She tweeted:

In her opening line, Simpson said:

"OK, picture this. You're off to big Tesco & ask if I want anything. I say 'surprise me.' What are you bringing home?"

Ben replied with a single word:


Why consciously match with someone to harass them for their size and waste both people's time?

Many women shared their own stories of fatphobia as well as their opinion of Ben.

Though, one bright side was many people got a new opening liner they could use.

Simpson also got a response from Bumble.

The company said they are removing Ben for his horrid behavior.

Thankfully, Ben will not see another day body shaming women on Bumble, but this definitely isn't the last time we will see a story like this until fatphobia and body shaming is no longer accepted.