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MTG Equates Democrats To Hogs In Bonkers 'Hog Hunting' Contest Launch Video

MTG Equates Democrats To Hogs In Bonkers 'Hog Hunting' Contest Launch Video

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was widely mocked after she equated Democrats to hogs in a video announcing a competition where the winner can join her hunting for feral hogs in Texas.

Feral pigs are a growing problem in the United States and also on the southern prairies in Canada, causing billions of dollars in property and agricultural damage every year both in wild and agricultural lands.

But Greene likened Democrats to the wild animals that destroy crop yields nationwide, suggesting "Democrats’ America-last policies" are responsible for the problems in the United States.

You can watch the video below.

Greene said the following ahead of a montage showing her shooting at a pig from a helicopter then posing with its corpse on the ground.

“We’ve got skyrocketing inflation, high diesel fuel and Democrats’ America-last policies."
“Democrats aren’t the only ones destroying farmers’ ability to put food on the table: We've got wild hogs destroying farmers' fields."
"So we decided to go hog hunting... Let's help American farmers out and go hog hunting."

The video disturbed Greene's critics, who said she was inciting violence.

Greene has previously endorsed violence against her political opponents.

She was stripped of her committee assignments after she made antisemitic remarks and promoted violence against Democrats.

Greene is one of the more vocal adherents to the QAnon conspiracy theory, whose believers allege Democrats are part of a Satan-worshipping, baby-eating global pedophile ring that conspired against former Republican President Donald Trump during his time in office.

Greene has claimed there are links between former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and pedophilia and human sacrifice, once insisting "Pizzagate"—a debunked conspiracy theory targeting Democrats that claimed Clinton ran a pedophilia ring out of the basement of a pizza restaurant that didn't have a basement—was real.

Earlier this year, Greene was accused of calling for violence after she posted a campaign video on social media of her blowing up a car labeled "socialism" and similarly destroying objects labeled "open borders," "Green New Deal" and "gun control"—all items Republicans claim are a progressive wishlist.