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QAnon Rep. Gets Standing Ovation From Supporters After Bragging About How She Trolls Congress

QAnon Rep. Gets Standing Ovation From Supporters After Bragging About How She Trolls Congress

Far-right Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has raised many eyebrows with a recent appearance at a Republican rally in Texas in which she bragged about being Congress's unhinged problem child.

During her comments, Greene laughed and gloated about trolling her colleagues and called obstructing legislation "fun" as the crowd cheered her on.

Greene spoke with particularly jubilation about her habit of using roll call votes to choke the process of the very thing she was sent to Washington to do, which is of course to pass laws for the American people. But of course, why do that when you can be a trolling bigot instead? See her comments below.

Speaking to the crowd in Woodlands, Texas, Greene spoke jubilantly about calling roll call votes, which require each member of the House to be physically present to vote on how to proceed for the rest of the work day.

Doing so delays proceedings by at least an hour or more each time as members make their way to the House floor, whereupon her fellow Republicans would usually vote to adjourn for the day instead of continuing to work on legislation.

It was precisely the tactic Greene used to gum up the Equality Act, which would have expanded protections for LGBTQ people. For Greene, it's all about the joy of being a craven, bigoted troll. As she told the crowd:

“[I]t was so much fun and I really want these people to exercise – exercise is healthy for them, you know, getting up and having to walk to the House floor – I did it again on the next bill! Then I did it again!”
“And then I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, this is great! This is my committee. I am the chairwoman of the Committee of the Hold!”

This is what Greene gets paid $174,000 of your tax dollars to do. Isn't that charming?

Greene went on to crow about how mad Democrats would get about her tactic, claiming that Democratic House leader Steny Hoyer would go "stomping over" to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's office to demand he do something about her. Greene then bragged:

“Well, let me tell you, Kevin can’t do anything about me!”

On Twitter, people found Greene's gloating disgusting.

Guess a "do-nothing Congress" is ok as long as it's the Republicans doing nothing.