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Lindsey Graham Desperately Begs For Money From Trump's Golf-Loving Supporters In Cringey Fox News Interview

Fox News

During the Trump presidency, South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham surprised many by leaning hard into support for Donald Trump following the death of his longtime friend, Senator John McCain of Arizona.

Even after Trump lost his bid for re-election, the former President remains popular with the extreme right-wing groups Graham also hopes to impress.

During a recent interview on Fox News, Graham announced a raffle where the winner would get to play round of golf with him and the former President.

Almost everyone on Twitter felt the moment came off as more than a little desperate.

Host Sean Hannity even seemed to feel a little bit awkward about the exchange, asking Graham why he thought the former President "crushes you on the golf course?"

Without a hint of shame, Graham replied:

"Because he's better than I am. He's gonna kick me around."

Twitter quickly turned the Trump-Graham golf raffle into a meme.

It seems poor Graham will never be able to escape the influence of Trump.

When given the chance to play golf with Graham and Trump, there were about a million things most Twitter users would rather do.

It seems Graham's begging will continue for as long as his pride can stand it.