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Lindsey Graham Offers Stark Warning To Anyone In His Party Who Tries To 'Erase' Trump

Lindsey Graham Offers Stark Warning To Anyone In His Party Who Tries To 'Erase' Trump
Win McNamee/Getty Images

During the 2020 elections, President Donald Trump was voted out of office by a considerable margin in both the popular vote and the electoral vote while also overseeing the Republican loss of the Senate and failure to retake the House of Representatives. When Trump entered office, the GOP held the White House, Senate and House majorities.

However, the Republican party still seems unable to extricate themselves from the 74-year-old former President's grasp.

Their loyalty to whatever Trump says is so extreme Congresswoman Liz Cheney may be removed from her leadership roles because she dared to say President Joe Biden's win was legitimate.

Of course, some Republicans are perfectly upfront about their allegiance to Trump. GOP Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, for instance, recently went on Fox News and anyone who tried to "erase" Donald Trump would end up being erased themselves.

Graham's faith in Donald Trump is pretty different from his messages from before Trump's election.

Many people online believed that Republicans hitching their wagon to Donald Trump, who has not even shown much interest in a continued political future, would result in the party's downfall.

Some pundits believed that conservatives brought this situation onto themselves with the persistent spread of disinformation and vengeful rhetoric.

Of course, Graham was also relentlessly made fun of for his embarrassing devotion to Trump.

It was also pointed out how Graham's argument seemed to validate "cancel culture" from the right while condemning it from the left.

To Graham at least, it seems the Republican party isn't strong enough to handle any dissent within their ranks.

If Lindsay Graham has anything to say about it, the Republican party will remain the party of Donald Trump, no matter how many elections he loses.