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Gordon Ramsay Dragged Over Unrelatable Story About Selling His Porsche To Buy An Apartment

The restaurateur shared his anecdote on the 'High Performance Podcast' about asking his partner's father for a loan and the advice that followed—but not many fans could relate.

Gordon Ramsay
John Lamparski/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust

Try to think of the most unrelatable thing you can possibly conceive of and it probably won't compare to a recent anecdote shared by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

The chef and television host recently told Jake Humphrey of "High Performance Podcast" a tale of woe involving his Porsche and the purchase of an apartment that has practically the entire internet jeering.

It seems, you see, that Ramsay was forced to sell his beloved Porsche when his mean father-in-law Chris Hutcheson wouldn't give him £20,000 for a down payment on his first home. Can you imagine?! The heart bleeds.

Describing the early days of supposed struggle he and wife Tana endured in their younger years, Ramsay told podcast host Jake Humphrey of the trouble they had affording their first apartment. So he took his father-in-law to lunch to ask for a loan.

Ramsay told Humphrey his father-in-law said:

"He said ‘Okay, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll have another lunch with you when you sell your Porsche.'"

Ramsay was initially taken aback, but conceded it was sound advice.

“I thought, you f***er. But, you clever f***er. Here I am driving around in a flash 911, and we didn’t even have a house, a flat, a roof over our heads. It was the best advice he ever gave me: Sell your f***ing Porsche.”

Wow. What catharsis. Yes, that really is a great life lesson, assuming you own a friggin' Porsche 911—which starts at $114,000 nowadays, by the way—in the first place.

But most of us don't and never will! Nor will most of us ever own a home, at least not in the current real estate market and housing crisis. A lot of us can't even afford to rent right now.

So, needless to say, the internet didn't have very much sympathy for Ramsay's little anecdote about Porsches and mortgages.

Anyway, Ramsay's full episode of "High Performance Podcast" is out now if you want any other helpful money-saving tips that likely have absolutely no relevance to your life. Enjoy!