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GOP Senator Has A Bizarre, Far-Fetched Theory About Trump's Remarks Regarding Russian Election Meddling


Trump's performance at the Helsinki press conference has left both Republicans and Democrats reeling. Both sides have almost universally denounced Trump's comments, while many are going as far as calling them "treasonous," according to NBC.

Some Republicans are still trying to make sense of Trump's remarks that defend Russia in regards to election collusion, but the most bizarre is Senator Mike Rounds of South Dakota. He seems to think Trump has some sort of mind tricks up his sleeve.

On Tuesday, Senator Rounds told reporters, "The president just looked right back at [Putin] and with the same straight face... basically sent a message: 'If you can sit here and tell me that with a straight face and that's what it takes it to move forward in other negotiations, I most certainly can match you on this, and in fact I can stand here and say, 'Of course you didn't do it,' even though we all know that [you did]. The reality is, I know you did it, you know you did it, and you know that I know that you did it.' So to me, Mr. Putin tried to tell the whopper with a straight face and President Trump basically laid out, 'You wanna play that game? Fine. I can do the same thing because we all know you did.'"

Later, the Senator conceded that his argument was weak but said, "This is the only logical explanation I can come up with it."

Twitter thinks that Senator Rounds should stop wasting his time on "logical explanations" and do his job.

Others think Rounds has a more selfish agenda influencing his comments.

But mostly, people are just reeling at this preposterous situation.

H/T: Huffpost, Vox

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