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GOP Official Roasted After Accusing Elizabeth Warren Of 'Endorsing Voter Fraud' Over A Joke About Her Dog

Boston Globe/Getty Images

During a recent interview, Senator Elizabeth Warren joked that her dog Bailey, a staple of the campaign trail, would be voting Democrat in the upcoming November elections.

Pretty much everyone understood Warren was being facetious, but Steve Guest, director of the GOP's rapid response team, thought he'd found the perfect opportunity to rile up Republicans.

Guest wrote on Twitter that Elizabeth Warren was endorsing voter fraud.

Pretty much everyone who saw Guest's post on Twitter agreed it was just about the dumbest opinion they'd ever seen.

Surely Republicans can make better arguments for themselves than this?

It wasn't lost on many that a Republican official made this argument as America suffers through a pandemic mishandled by Republicans.

If anything, it seems Guest's tweet has only inspired more excitement for Democrats in the upcoming election.

Could attacking a prominent Democrat's dog be the next genius campaign strategy for the GOP?

Guest later doubled down on his tweet, saying he "hoped" Elizabeth Warren was joking but that he wasn't sure.

Unfortunately for Guest, it seems his whinging of dog-voter-fraud wasn't taken seriously by anyone who doesn't peddle easily disproven conspiracy theories.