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Google Hearing Proves That Congress Has No Idea How Internet Search Engines Work—And We're Shaking Our Heads 😑

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If you watch closely you can almost see Google CEO Sundar Pichai's brain start to weep at the asinine questions from members of Congress on the House Judiciary Committee. Wired stated in an article that Congress missed a great opportunity to "question one of the most powerful people on the planet—Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, the company that filters all the world's information. And they blew it."

Instead of doing research on how Google actually works, members of Congress wasted time trotting out debunked claims about anti-conservative searches and why when you Google "idiot," a picture of President Donald Trump comes up.

As much as Pichai tried to explain that Google search has no political bias, the conservative politicians weren't buying it, with one of the more head shaking questions of the day coming from Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH), asking why when someone Googles the repeal of ObamaCare, only negative results appeared.

Writer Matt Binder summed it all up in a Twitter thread.

Others agreed the politicians needed a crash course in how Google works.

This wrapped things up with a tidy bow of truth.

You can watch the entire hearing below.

Transparency & Accountability: Examining Google and its Data Collection, Use and Filtering Practices

H/T: Business Insider, Mashable