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Woman Nicknamed 'Golfcart Gail' Calls Cops On Black Dad At His Son's Soccer Game

Woman Nicknamed 'Golfcart Gail' Calls Cops On Black Dad At His Son's Soccer Game
Facebook: Ginger Galore Williams, Twitter: @TheBennyPowers

Welp, it's a day that ends in "why" "y," so there's a new white person in the "Calling the police on Black people for literally no reason" pantheon: Meet "Golfcart Gail."

The crime this time? Watching his kid play soccer. And also speaking while doing so, apparently.

It happened like this: A black gentleman in Ponte Verde, Florida was watching his child's soccer match when he saw his son become frustrated at a referee's call. He called out to his child, "The ref is right!" and that is the point at which Golfcart Gail had simply HAD ENOUGH. Sitting in the namesake golf cart in which she arrived, she called the police to report the father for harassment.

Fellow spectator Ginger Galore Williams posted a full account, including videos, to her Facebook page, titling it "SOCCER WHILE BLACK":

In her account, Williams said that the father offered to leave the game in order to avoid a conflict, and was packing up his belongings when Gail notified him that she was calling police because "she no longer felt safe with his threatening behavior."

Williams also stated that another parent had been ejected from the game earlier that day for causing a disturbance, resulting in a delay in the game--but no call to police. "Why weren't the police called? What was the difference?," Williams wrote. "I'll give you a guess."

For her part, Golfcart Gail's call seemed more motivated by the father's lack of willingness to further discuss the non-issue with her. Speaking to an officer, she says, "He got nasty with me," and tells him the father said, "I'm not talking to you anymore."

On social media, people were pretty firmly on the side of the father on the basis of what looks like clear racial bias:

Thankfully, after speaking with both Golfcart Gail and the dad, deputies told him "I don't have any reason to detain you."

In wrapping up her account of the incident, Williams no doubt speaks for scores of African-Americans in 2018: "Black lives matter. Don't ask me why I kneel."

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