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Whoopi Goldberg Expertly Shuts Down Conservative Outrage Over 'Barbie' In Epic Rant

The 'View' cohosts were not impressed with the rightwing backlash to the film—particularly from conservative men.

ABC screenshot of Whoopi Goldberg

The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg unapologetically defended the new Barbie movie against right-wing commentators' criticism. A staunch Barbie fan, Goldberg proudly showcased Barbie-themed platform soles on her shoes during a recent episode of the show.

In response to the movie's detractors, Goldberg expressed her disbelief at the level of outrage, emphasizing that it is just a movie "about a doll," trying to dismiss the unnecessary controversy surrounding the film.

Addressing the concerns about the movie's content, Goldberg humorously pointed out that neither Barbie nor Ken has genitalia, making any notions of inappropriate themes irrelevant. She reiterated that "it’s a doll movie," intended for kids who see it through an innocent and colorful lens.

You can hear what Goldberg said in the video below.

Goldberg said:

"It's a movie! It's a movie about a doll!"
“I thought y’all would be happy. [Barbie] has no genitalia, so there’s no sex involved. Ken has no genitalia, so he can’t — it’s a doll movie!"
"And the kids know it’s colorful and it’s Barbie.”
“You guys, I want y’all to tell your daughters why you’re not taking them to the ‘Barbie’ movie. I want you to explain to them what’s wrong with Barbie…It’s a doll movie, guys. I’m shocked that that’s what’s freaking you out these days.”

Many praised Goldberg's remarks and joined her in criticizing the conservative backlash.

Despite the right-wing backlash, Barbie has been a resounding success at the box office.

The film—featuring Margot Robbie in the titular role and directed by Greta Gerwig—raked in approximately $162 million domestically and double that amount globally, with screenings drawing packed audiences, many clad in pink attire to celebrate the iconic doll.

Critics have praised the film, giving it a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while the audience approval stands at an impressive 87%.

However, some conservative commentators, including far-right figures like Ben Shapiro, have taken issue with the movie, diverting their attention from other subjects to criticize Warner Bros' offering.

Shapiro in particular made headlines for burning several dolls on a barbecue grill to symbolize his discontent with the film. He went on to accuse the film and the studio of promoting "angry feminist claptrap" to create divisions between men and women.