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This Twitter Account Of A 9-Year-Old Boy's Adventures Petting Different Dogs Is Too Pure 😍

This Twitter Account Of A 9-Year-Old Boy's Adventures Petting Different Dogs Is Too Pure 😍

Gideon Kidd is new on Twitter and already gained over 39 thousand followers in just a month, which is hardly surprising since his account is a refreshing respite from all the gossipy and antagonistic tweets proliferating the Internet.

Although Gideon's page is relatively new, the 9-year-old has been documenting his friendly canine encounters on his website "I've Pet That Dog" since 2016.

Each photo of him with his four-legged friends are as adorable as the next.

Meet 6-year-old "Etta."

Here's Fenway, named after the Boston Red Sox's home stadium, Fenway Park.

He told Buzzfeed how he got started on his mission to pet as many dogs as possilbe.

I love dogs and I love petting them. I wanted to see how many different dogs I could meet and pet, so I decided take pictures and post them on a website. I started my website a year and a half ago in September of 2016. Since then, I have pet over 300 dogs!

With each tweet, he introduces the dogs by their name and provides details like age, breed, personality traits, and background.

He gained extra exposure when toy designer @KaylaPekkala declared Kidd's account as her new favorite.

Here is Gideon with 4-year-old Lucy.

This is Blaine. And Gideon describes him as if he's his own dog, and we'd believe it. Dogs just love this kid.

A follower praised Gideon's page and shared a photo of his own dog. Maybe Gideon will get to pet him one day.

Meet bouncy Rosy, who seems to have settled down for a pic.

Stella is a special dog. The 16-month-old show dog helped her caregiver through depression.

And similar to Stella, Gideon is making people happy through sharing his adoration of dogs.

If you love huskies like me, you'll love this photo.

Here's an adorable two-fer!

Pepper was abandoned after his home burned down. Thankfully, his current caregiver found him and gave him a new home. I mean, look at the love here. Can you stand it?

Clementine has the honorable distinction of being the 300th dog to be pet by Gideon. Will yours be next?

If you need some good feels, you must follow his page.

Regarding his online popularity, he told Mashable, that "it feels amazing!" His mother added in the email that the experience has been "really fun for Gideon."

Do you have the urge to pet every dog you meet? The petting expert offered some advice on Buzzfeed.

First, you walk up to the caregiver and ask, "Can I please pet your dog?"
If they say yes, don't just start petting the dog. Walk slowly, stick your hand under their nose and let them sniff you. Then you can pet the dog.
Here's a tip for very big, excited dogs: Don't sit on the ground! They will jump on you.

Well done, Gideon! We look forward to seeing you make more furry friends and share the love. We could all use a smile.

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