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Geraldo Rivera Just Slammed Sean Hannity Over His Fear About The Migrant Caravan On Fox News

Geraldo Rivera Just Slammed Sean Hannity Over His Fear About The Migrant Caravan On Fox News
YouTube: Fox News

At this point, should we just assume that Sean Hannity is on the White House payroll?

He's ostensibly a journalist, but all he seems to ever do is regurgitate the White House's un-nuanced — and often counterfactual — talking points. And when it came to a discussion Monday night about the Central American migrant caravan presently making its way toward the United States border, his discourse was no exception.

Joined by former White House staffer Sebastian Gorka and fellow Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera, Hannity inveighed against the migrants with the usual rhetoric about MS-13 and a supposed wave of violence headed toward our country. Also border security! And sovereignty! And other stuff!

Geraldo Rivera was having none of it. Pointing out that the migrants were "desperate to improve their lot in life" — not to commit crimes — he pointedly asked Hannity what he thinks we should do about the caravan.

"We're not going to let 'em in, Geraldo, not this way," Hannity responded. "We have a sovereignty and border issue here. We have laws."

Deep, nuanced stuff, as usual.

Underlining the lack of solution proposed by Hannity's reductive response, Rivera shot back, "What are you gonna, shoot 'em, Sean?"

That's when open nativist, Islamophobe and Steve Bannon devotee Sebastian Gorka stepped in to shame Geraldo, saying, "This is really beneath you, Geraldo." He also non-sensically likened Rivera's response to being characteristic of dictatorship. (What tossed-off rhetorical questions have to do with dictatorship is unclear.)

The encounter became more heated from there.

Of course, an uproar ensued on social media--from all sides of the issue and the political spectrum:

If you were looking for actual solutions to the crisis from this team of minds, it seems it would be best to keep searching...

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