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Kellyanne Conway's Husband Just Blew Up Rudy Giuliani's Defense of Trump With One Tweet

Kellyanne Conway's Husband Just Blew Up Rudy Giuliani's Defense of Trump With One Tweet
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George Conway is an American lawyer, educated at Harvard and Yale, with 32,5000 Twitter followers. They monitor George's account for the free legal advice and legal commentary he provides, mostly directed at his wife's boss: President Donald Trump.

George is Kellyanne Conway's husband and his Twitter account so often features indirect messages to her employer that the habit was even raised in a volatile Dana Bash CNN interview with Kellyanne.

Whether George is trolling the president as some suggest or just trying to help the guy out, his advice and insight into the law is generally spot on.

After Rudy Giuliani's Hannity interview on May 2, George decided to share some Federal Election Commission (FEC) guidance on the proper use of campaign funds the next morning. Giuliani made statements about funds being used for reimbursing Donald Trump's lawyer during that interview.

Giuliani was adamant no improper use of campaign funds occurred, the purported reason he brought up Trump reimbursing his personal lawyer Michael Cohen $130,000 for paying off Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels. However George shared specific FEC guidance about the distinction between personal funds and campaign funds and their proper use in his early morning Tweet the day after Giuliani's interview.

George also often deletes his Tweets after his message is sent, so his many followers made certain to bring attention to this advice about FEC law, just in case anyone missed it.

Jake Tapper, a CNN correspondent and host, shared the Tweet, without commentary.

"Noted conservative attorney George Conway tweets FEC guidelines on personal gifts and loans," Tapper pointed out in his post without referring to George's wife or the president.

Meanwhile, Jack Posobiec, a staunch Trump advocate, also called attention to George Conway's Twitter message but with a bit of commentary claiming the information was a Trump insult.

No matter where people fell on the political spectrum, there were plenty of opinions about George's latest legal advice.

Some people brought up Giuliani's interview admissions as well as what impact Conway's FEC guidance had on them.

Including one particularly interesting back and forth between Twitter users "David" and "DWW".

A few people even called on Kellyanne to comment, but she made it clear in a CNN interview, she didn't want people "going there."