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Gay Penguin Power Couple Hatches A Second Chick Who Was Neglected By Its Straight Parents

Gay Penguin Power Couple Hatches A Second Chick Who Was Neglected By Its Straight Parents
SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium/Facebook

In 2020, we've seriously been in need of some good news, and news of the cute and fuzzy variety is always welcome.

Fortunately, SEA LiFE Sydney Aquarium did not disappoint.

Back in 2018, among their Gentoo penguin population, a same-sex couple was sighted. Male Sphen presented male Magic with a pebble, which is a part of a special mating ritual among Gentoo penguins.

Those working at the Aquarium soon noticed the new pair creating their own space and establishing a stone nest as the mating season approached. To date, the pair has maintained more pebbles in their nest than any other couple.

After seeing their earnest attempt at participating in the breeding season, the couple was given a "dummy egg" to see how they would go about caring for it. Quite adorably, the pair was attentive and doting upon the egg that would never be able to hatch.

Passing this initial test swimmingly, Sphen and Magic were given a real egg to foster when another pair appeared to be struggling with their two.

Sphen and Magic became the proud parents of little female Lara, who was nicknamed "Sphengic" for the couple.

Lara is fully grown now and began to participate in the Gentoo mating ritual herself.

This season another egg was in need of a caring home and the Aquarium thought, who better than the previously successful parents, Sphen and Magic?

SEA LiFE Sydney Aquarium shared video of Sphen and Magic alongside their thriving second chick, stating:

"We are excited to announce that after a successful breeding season for our colony of Gentoo penguins we have welcomed some adorable new penguin chicks."
"Plus our famous same sex power couple, Sphen and Magic have become second time dads!"

Somewhat predictably, the famous couple continued their trend of being fantastic, doting parents and are carefully raising a baby Gentoo who is a few weeks old now.

The Aquarium explained the arrangement.

"If one of our pairs has too many eggs or are not good at looking after their eggs we will sometimes foster these eggs out to other pairs like Sphen and Magic."
"We gave Sphen and Magic an egg to incubate as they have proven to be good parents in the past."

Needless to say, people following the couple online are here for it.

SEA LiFE aquarium shared photos of their chicks in an update.

It looks like Sphen and Magic are doing a wonderful job creating new, caring homes for penguin eggs in need.

And who knows, maybe during the next mating season, the couple will become grandparents!