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Gay Guy Who Turned Down Female Student Wins The Day By Setting Her Up With His Straight Identical Twin Brother

Gay Guy Who Turned Down Female Student Wins The Day By Setting Her Up With His Straight Identical Twin Brother
GettyImages, @JilliBearr/Twitter

Whoever said "nothing ventured, nothing gained" was not kidding.

This applied to Jillian Druzgala, a 23 year old University of Iowa college student, who risked the embarrassment of rejection by approaching a cute guy to give him her number.

Unfortunately for Druzgala, the dapper young man she spotted at the dining hall inside her dorm, Burge Hall, turned out to be gay.

But the story doesn't end there.

Even though she didn't get the guy, she still came out winning in ways she never expected.

The "cute guy," whose name is Derek, appreciated Jillian's fortitude in asking him out. But instead of making her feel humiliated, Derek suggested she should meet another available – and straight – bachelor: his identical twin brother.

Jillian posted a screenshot of Derek's text response on Twitter.

"Hey this is Derek from Burge! I wanted to say I respect your confidence to be able to come up to me and give me your number, you are very pretty!"

"Unfortunately I am gay BUT I am an identical twin and he's straight if you'd like his number or Snapchat lol"

Druzgala gladly accepted Derek's kind offer and contacted his equally as handsome straight brother, Scott.

“Oh my lanta. Honestly, that works out. Yes please."

Twitter agreed it was the best kind of consolation prize ever, with Druzgala's tweet reaching 404K likes.

And Derek became everyone's number one cupid.

Druzgala provided an update on how things went on her new date.

“Went to lunch with the brother. His name is scott :) will be hangout out again after thanksgiving break."

In another followup, she proudly announced her new bestie.

“(Derek and I) are now friends. We will also be hangout out after thanksgiving break too."

People predicted things to come for her blossoming relationship with Scott.

And while we were all rooting for Jillian's budding romance, some guys wanted their own happily ever after with Derek.

Don't be discouraged when things in life don't always go as planned.

Because at the end of every calamity, you may find there is always a rainbow.

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