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Newly-Released Children's Book Puts A Gay-Themed Twist On Your Traditional Fairy Tale

Stevie Lewis/little bee books

A children's picture book put a gay spin on an age-old fairy tale, as part of a campaign with GLAAD and Bonnier Publishing USA aimed at "integrating and elevating positive LGBTQ representation in children's literature."

Written by first-time author Daniel Haack, Prince & Knight is the story of a handsome prince's search for a partner. His heart is

won by a knight in shining armor, and the two eventually share true love's kiss and get married.

Haack told the Huffington Post that he became inspired to write Prince & Knight after noticing a lack of LGBTQ representation in media. "Kids deserve to see their own lives and their families represented," he said.

"I thought it'd be cool to take these classic fairy tale tropes of Prince Charming and the knight in shining armor and tell a story in which not only do they save the day, but they find true love in each other, too."

Prince & Knight is the first of a series of 14 queer-inclusive books to be released as part of GLAAD's campaign. The partnership between GLAAD and Bonnier Publishing USA is dedicated to "advancing positive representation of LGBTQ lives, experiences, and stories at every stage of our lives," GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis told HuffPo. Books "are a natural progression to encourage awareness, kindness, and acceptance at an early age," she said, and that "it's so important that my two kids and others like them see their families reflected in the media."

Haack said that he has received overwhelming support for the book, which was released on May 1. He hopes it sends a message to young readers that LGBTQ people "are just as capable of being the brave heroes, and are just as worthy as anyone of being in love."

"I'm sure there will certainly be some parents who take issue with the book. But I think anyone who has read it can agree it's a totally kid-friendly story. For all the gay parents who have shared the book with their kids and who have told me they wish they had something like this when they were young, I've heard from just as many straight parents who love it."

In addition to lovely story, Prince & Knight contains beautiful illustrations by artist Stevie Lewis. They show the prince searching for a bride, fighting a fire-breathing dragon, and having his first kiss.

"First-time author Daniel Haack said a lack of LGBTQ representation in children's media inspired him to write Prince & Knight, released May 1."

Stevie Lewis

"The prince fights a ferocious dragon — with a little help from a mysterious knight in shining armor."

Stevie Lewis

"The author hopes young readers come away from Prince & Knight with the understanding that LGBTQ people "are just as capable of being the brave heroes, and are just as worthy as anyone of being in love.""

Stevie Lewis