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Anti-Trans Swimmer Lashes Out After 71-Year-Old Trans Fencer Wins Eighth World Championship

Swimmer Riley Gaines called fencer Liz Kocab an 'entitled cheat' on X, formerly Twitter, after she won her 8th world championship title, and her 4th title in a row in Veteran Women's Epee.

Screenshot of Riley Gaines; Screenshot of Liz Kocab
Fox News; @usafencing/Instagram

Anti-trans activist Riley Gaines has sparked controversy by targeting a 71-year-old trans athlete Liz Kocab, who recently achieved an impressive eighth world fencing championship title, her second in the women's 70+ division.

Kocab, who has also claimed victories in the 50s and 60s age categories, expressed her gratitude to USA Fencing in a post-victory interview, stating that winning "never gets old" and is "always special."

However, Gaines responded by insulting and misgendering Kocab on X, formerly Twitter.

She wrote:

"Liz Kocab (male) wins his 8th Fencing World Championship the women's category."
"Winning a title as a male in the women's category doesn't make you a champion. It makes you an entitled cheat."

You can see her post below.

USA Fencing has adopted a trans-inclusive policy since 2022, permitting athletes to compete in alignment with their gender, with specific participation requirements depending on the age level. The organization's CEO, Phil Andrews, has reiterated unwavering support for trans fencers, emphasizing their right to participate in fencing.

But Gaines, a former competitive swimmer from Tennessee who competed for the University of Kentucky NCAA swim team, has made a name for herself by campaigning against the participation of trans women in women's sports, a move that has earned her plaudits from the far-right and guest spots on Fox News.

Many have condemned her remarks and praised Kocab for her success.

Gaines has consistently opposed the rights of trans athletes, particularly since her fifth-place tie with trans University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas in the women's 200m freestyle final at the National Collegiate Athletics Association championships. She has argued that sharing fifth place with a trans woman amounts to being deprived of a rightful victory.

Earlier this year, she appeared as a witness at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing focused on safeguarding civil rights for LGBTQ Americans and according to C-SPAN, shared her "own personal experience competing with trans swimmer Lia Thomas and having to share the same dressing room."