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Friend Of 16-Year-Old Nevada Cowgirl Who Mourned Her Death On Facebook Is Now Charged With Her Murder

Friend Of 16-Year-Old Nevada Cowgirl Who Mourned Her Death On Facebook Is Now Charged With Her Murder
L: Britney Lynn Ujlaky / GoFundMe
R: Bryce Dickey / Elko County Sheriff's Office

16-year-old Gabrielle "Britney" Lynn Ujlaky was missing for three days before she was found dead in the Burner Basin area of Nevada.

Her friend, 18-year-old Bryce Dickey, openly mourned her on Facebook, but now it seems he may have done so to cover up his own alleged murder plot all along.

Ujlaky was a sixteen-year-old high school student with a dream to become a Rodeo Queen and a leading make-up artist.

She was said to be actively involved in volunteering at a ranch near her home, helping with cattle drives and the grooming of horses.

One of Ujlaky's friends, 18-year-old Cheyenne Fry, said of Ujlaky:

"She was always the first one saddled and ready to go... She was always helping people out. If it was house-sitting, babysitting, grooming their horses. Everyone knew her and loved her so much."

Ujlaky went missing on March 8 with only one lead.

Dickey told authorities he had given Ujlaky a ride then witnessed her being picked up by an unknown man in a cowboy hat who was driving a green Ford pickup truck.

Three days later, Ujlaky's body was found in the Burner Basin area, near the city of Elko. Upon her discovery, Bryce Dickey posted on Facebook about her tragic loss.

Dickey posted:

"Yesterday, we all received news that made us hit the floor. Around 8 in the morning we all started meeting up at my house to grieve an to mourn Britney's life. Which was taken far too soon. That day I had tears of pain and joy. I wish she could have seen the amount of us that came together to honor you sis. We love you so much. Just know you won't ever be forgotten."

Though it remains unclear how the investigators discovered him, Dickey was arrested on Friday for the murder of Gabrielle "Britney" Lynn Ujlaky.

If convicted, his offenses will inevitably include misleading the authorities with his original story of the pickup truck, which investigators now believe was totally fabricated.

He is presently being held without bail at the Elko County Jail.

Cheyenne Fry was shocked at the development, stating:

"He acted like her friend. She called him her big brother."

With this latest development, Ujlaky's father, James, spoke up about what he views as a betrayal.

He said the two had been friends for years, both a part of the local rodeo community.

James reflected:

"There's no worse betrayal than this. Because she really thought he was a good friend."
"She did trust everybody. She always saw the good. If someone did wrong, she would call you out in front of everybody. She was going to expose you for who you were, come hell or high water."

Dickey's Facebook post is still available on his Facebook page and the comments quickly went from grieving Ujlaky's death to wanting justice once Dickey was charged with her murder.

Bryce Dickey / Facebook

Bryce Dickey / Facebook

Bryce Dickey / Facebook

Bryce Dickey / Facebook

Bryce Dickey / Facebook

Officials involved in the investigation say their search is ongoing, though the tip line is currently closed.

Dickey had not entered a plea as of this writing. It's unclear if he currently has an attorney to represent him.

However this investigation progresses, the community in the Burner Basin area suffered a tragic loss.