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Fox News Contributor Mocked For Saying Trump Is Starting To Look 'Younger'

Fox News Contributor Mocked For Saying Trump Is Starting To Look 'Younger'
Fox News // @BarbStellar/Twitter

"A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth has time to put on its shoes," is a famous quote.

It also probably explains why Fox & Friends is on so early in the morning.

President Donald Trump's favorite show on his favorite network was in full flattery mode last week when former MTV Real World and Road Rules contestant Rachel Campos-Duffy, and her fellow MTV reality series husband, Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI), heaped praise upon the President's energy and his youthful looks.

Yup, you read that right.

Watch below:

"One of the things that they've been talking about is Joe Biden not just being a gaffe machine," Campos-Duffy said, "but really not having the stamina to keep up."

She continued:

"Donald Trump can outwork anyone and he's I think, the only President who actually starts to look younger in office."


The comments came shortly after a former GOP Congresswoman tweeted about Trump having the "vigor and stamina of 10 people."

Is there a memo going around the GOP to praise Trump?

Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Biden may not be a spring chicken, but people found it laughable that Trump's health is something to aspire to.

If Trump looks any younger, it's due to his work ethic—or lack of one.

Many pointed out that Trump strolls into his office at around 11 am, after tweeting and watching Fox & Friends.

The costs of Trump's golf trips in the first two and a half years of his presidency is catching up to all of former President Obama's eight years in office.

But there are some ways that Trump is getting younger.

"Fair and balanced," indeed.

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