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Conservative Writer Rips Fox News For Trying To Blame Nationwide Santa Shortage On Biden

Conservative Writer Rips Fox News For Trying To Blame Nationwide Santa Shortage On Biden
Fox News

It’s that time of year again. The air is cooler, the fire is enticing and Fox News is raging over the fictional “War on Christmas.”

This year, they’re blaming President Joe Biden for the shortage of seasonal Santa Claus actors. And the outrage is so overdone, even other conservatives are getting frustrated with the bluster.

A clip from Fox News was shared by the Republican National Committee’s Twitter page.

In the above clip, Mitch Allen, the founder of tells Fox News hosts there is a scarcity in Santas for seasonal events. According to Allen, demand is up by 121% over pre-pandemic levels, but available actors are down by 10%.

And somehow this is Biden’s fault, as part of the ‘War on Christmas’.

In an article written by Jim Swift, blaming the lack of Santas on Biden makes little sense. Swift is the senior editor of The Bulwark, a conservative news and opinion website.

According to Swift, it’s ludicrous Fox News would try to use this angle to blame Biden for the Santa shortage. For starters, no explanation is given connecting the lack of Santas to Biden.

Swift wrote:

“How Joe Biden figures into all this isn’t clear, exactly—wouldn’t it make as much sense to give him kudos for the high demand for Santas this year as to blame him for the reduced supply?—except for the fact that there’s a War on Christmas to be won and any good war needs a proper villain.”

You’d figure that would be enough of an argument.

But on top of that, Swift explains there’s another, more readily available explanation for the lack of Santas. And they both involve the pandemic.

On one hand, older people, especially heavy-set people, were more likely to be affected by the virus. This could mean that, as morbid as it sounds, we lost a number of Santas to the disease.

Another option pointed out by Swift is:

“...the remaining potential Santa employment base might be a little leery of a part-time hourly gig that involves potentially hundreds of unvaccinated kids hopping on and off the jolly old lap.”
“Regardless of whether the Santa in question is vaccinated, it’s a big ask of anyone who is even remotely concerned about a virus that has killed more than three-quarters of a million people in this country alone.”

Both of these issues are exacerbated by the Republican mentality COVID isn’t a big deal, leading to worse reactions, deaths and a whole swath of the population that is unvaccinated.

The Fox News 100% deserves to be roasted for this latest hot take.

Swift ended his article with a quote by William Randolph Hearst about manufacturing a war.

Fox News is similarly more than happy to report on a Biden caused Santa shortage, so long as it feeds their annual 'War on Christmas' narrative.