On Thursday, November 7, Lars Larson and Leslie Marshall joined host Harris Faulkner on FOX's Outnumbered Overtime to discuss controversial comments made by Senator John Kennedy (R) during a recent rally with President Trump.

As the conversation progressed, however, Faulkner shut down Larson for making fun of "people with pronoun names."

Watch the Larson's comments here.

The guests were visiting to discuss Kennedy's comment at a rally concerning impeachment:

"Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to impeach him. I don't mean any disrespect, but it must suck to be that dumb."

One guest, Marshall, thought the comments were out of order.

"In addition to my finding it to be sexist, I find it to be unprofessional. The name-calling, whether it's from the left to the right or the right to the left, it just brings down and lowers the bar of decency in our nation."

Larson, however, said he agreed with Kennedy's comments.

"I would join him in that, actually."

Larson then took things a step further when he pushed back against Marshall's opinion.

"It's not sexist. I know dumb men and I know dumb women, and I probably will meet some dumb people with pronoun names, too. It's not a sexist term."

Faulkner stepped in to shut down the train of thought.

"This conversation devolved. We don't put down people who use different pronouns on this network, on this show especially. Leslie, I'll give you the last word and we'll move on."

People weren't expecting a FOX News host to be so enlightened, but were thankful Faulkner stood up, even briefly, for the LGBTQ+ community.

Thankfully, it seems the idea of identifying with different pronouns than the ones you were assigned at birth has become so mainstream even FOX News hosts are standing up for it.

That's progress!

You can watch the entire exchange here.

The book It's Time to Talk (and Listen): How to Have Constructive Conversations About Race, Class, Sexuality, Ability & Gender in a Polarized World is available here.

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