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'Flying Preacher' Makes Dramatic Entrance From Church Rafters In Viral Video—And It's Certainly Something To Behold 😮

ZaKnedria LeUnshae Webb/Facebook, Cadaris Waits/Facebook

Some preachers simply preach.

But one Mississippi pastor took things to a whole new level—literally.

Bartholomew Orr of Southaven, Mississippi decided to spice things up on a recent Sunday, descending from his church's rafters to fly down to his altar while preaching about Christ's return.

After one of his parishioners, ZaKnedria LeUnshae Webb, posted a video of her pastor's flight to Facebook, it immediately went viral, and the "Flying Preacher" was born.

Hallelujah and amen!

Of course, lest you think he has godly powers, Orr wasn't actually flying—he was attached to a line that was installed for the church's upcoming Christmas pageant.

Orr took to Facebook to record his own video response as well, thanking people for watching his sermon.

"You never know how God is going to use you," he says, before thanking Webb for filming the clip and expressing how glad he is that it started a conversation about "the word of God." Orr also addressed some of the negative pushback he's received, acknowledging that some of the commentary "hasn't been complimentary."

Many have expressed that his stunt was a waste of his congregants' money. Not to worry, though: the line he flew in on was donated to the church.

On social media, the pageantry certainly didn't go unnoticed—for better or worse!

No matter what your feelings, you gotta give it to Pastor Orr: he really elevates the discourse!

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