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Florence Pugh Explains The Empowering Reason She Buzzed All Of Her Hair Off—And We're Obsessed

The actor has been turning heads ever since debuting her buzzed look at the 2023 Met Gala.

Florence Pugh
Wiktor Szymanowicz/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Over two months have passed since actor Florence Pugh stunned the world with her dramatic buzz-cut hairstyle at this year's Met Gala in May.

Now, she is revealing the empowering reasons behind her decision to rock the edgy look.

In an interview with Radio Times, the star explained her deliberate choice to opt for the buzzed-cut style, saying she wanted to remove vanity from the equation and challenge the traditional glamorous image often associated with Hollywood actresses.

She said:

“I purposefully chose to look like that. I wanted vanity out of the picture."
“Hollywood is very glamorous — especially for women — and it's hard for an audience to see past that."
"Whenever I've not needed to be glam or have a full face of makeup, I fight to keep it that way. It helps the audience."
"Vanity is gone. The only thing that people can look at then is your raw face."

Throughout her career, Pugh has been determined to control her image and challenge societal expectations. Her decision to showcase her natural beauty without heavy makeup allows her to convey a more authentic and versatile range of emotions on screen.

She said:

“Even at the beginning of my career, I was always fighting to control my image. It helps me when I'm wearing less makeup because then I'm less of a sparkly thing on screen. I feel like I'm allowed to do ugly faces, like it's more acceptable.”

It's safe to say Pugh's fanbase thinks her haircut is a major win.

Known for her bold and daring fashion choices, Pugh has been celebrated for her unique dress sense by publications like Harper's Bazaar and British Vogue.

However, her unconventional style has also faced criticism in the past. At a Valentino show in 2022, she wore a sheer pink gown, which generated some backlash as it revealed her nipples. In response, Pugh confidently defended her choice and her body on Instagram.

Continuing her commitment to embracing her individuality, a year later, she donned another transparent gown at a Valentino event, fearlessly expressing herself through her wardrobe choices.