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Fans Are Loving This Dad Playing His Trumpet Along With A BTS Song

Fans Are Loving This Dad Playing His Trumpet Along With A BTS Song
Sadie Neighbour - PA Viral

Fans of K-pop band BTS have welcomed a new member after a video of a musician playing the trumpet along to the group’s music went viral.

Student Sadie Neighbour posted a video of her dad improvising along to BTS song "Make It Right" with his trumpet, and K-pop fans adore his effort.

Posting the video to Twitter, Sadie said “My dad is now Army”, referencing the nickname BTS fans have given themselves, the BTS Army.

“I was streaming BTS’s new album Persona with my sister, and my dad came into the room. As he’s a musician he picked up the notes to the chorus really well," Sadie told the Press Association. “He just picked up the four notes quickly and played them on the spot!”

The video gathered almost 150,000 views on the website, with several K-pop fans asking for the full cover version, or even sheet music so they could play along.

Sadie said her dad was happy that his trumpet playing was seen by so many fans, and that her whole family are fans of the band.

“He was so confused but happy it was shown to many people! I really wish BTS would see it!" she said. “Myself and my family all meet regularly, practically every day, and watch new videos of BTS as we are all huge fans! We have all the albums… and are also seeing them at Wembley Stadium!”