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Johnny Depp Supporter Brings A Pair Of Alpacas To Defamation Trial To 'Cheer Him Up'

Johnny Depp Supporter Brings A Pair Of Alpacas To Defamation Trial To 'Cheer Him Up'
Paul Morigi/Getty Images; Jim Watson/Getty Images

As the contentious trial between actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard comes to a close, one mega fan took her support for the Pirates of the Caribbean star to a new level.

While many fans have been showing up at the courthouse out of support for Depp—some with signs and others with gifts—Andrea Diaz of Lorton, Virginia brought something nobody expected.

Two real, live alpacas.

See the video below:

Her goal was to cheer up her idol during his defamation trial against Heard, which she said is “really messed up.”

One person responded to the news with:

"Can we just show appreciation for that lovely girl with the alpacas showing up everyday since the start of this trial simply to make johnny depp smile."

Another person tweeted:

"Emotional support alpacas for Johnny Depp."

During an interview with Law & Crime Network, Diaz said the reason she showed up with alpacas:

"Justice for Johnny. We're here to support."

If you're wondering why alpacas, so are we.

She added:

"Well he's going through a lot right now, so I just thought they might cheer him up."
"That's pretty much it."

Someone tweeted:

"The emotional support alpacas have showed up at the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard."
"Not sure who they are emotionally supporting, but they are cute!!!!!"

Another person wrote:

"Apparently a Depp fan brings alpacas to the court everyday to cheer him up."
"America is something else."

Diaz, a native of Peru, began a business during the pandemic involving her alpacas.

She would bring them to the homes of children to cheer them up amid such a devastating and isolating time. She said she wanted to do the same for Johnny Depp.

She said:

“Well, he’s going through a lot right now."
"I thought they would cheer him up."
"That’s pretty much it.”

One person posted:

"If I ever have to go to court, I hope someone brings me some emotional support Alpacas."

Though Depp never ended up seeing the alpacas to the best of our know, the sentiment was still there.