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Instagram Star Reveals Why She Leaves Her Kids And Husband In Coach While She Flies First Class

Instagram Star Reveals Why She Leaves Her Kids And Husband In Coach While She Flies First Class

I think we can all agree that air travel isn't the most glamorous thing in the world. It's much more enjoyable if we can travel in style.

But what if you had to choose between travelling first class or travelling with your loved ones in coach? Would you choose your family?

Instagram star Naomi Isted wouldn't. She leaves her husband and kids to fly coach while she travels in first class!

Naomi Isted, fashion journalist and TV presenter, flies first class while leaving her husband and children to fly economy.

Look how relaxed she seems:

Her fans agree she looks great:



But why would she fly first class without her family?

Her reasons behind this include needing to get in the proper mind set and not catching colds.

She has said:

"As a presenter the main thing for me is preserving my voice and not catching bugs or colds from nearby passengers who could be in a very close proximity if travelling economy."

Naomi gets upgrades that she keeps for herself. She and her husband, Haydn, don't take turns in first class. Haydn sits with the kids in economy if the whole family is flying.

This did not seem to please many people:


One person thought that she shouldn't exclude her husband from the upgrade:


Naomi revealed If it's just the two of them, it is a bit of a different story:

"Obviously if my husband and I are on our own without the kids we would both try to get an upgrade, however if it's the four of us, I need to concentrate as I may be working the entire flight, so it's much easier to get everything planned if I have the time to focus."

She doesn't always upgrade; it's only on the flights when the benefits in first class outweigh those of economy.

As an influencer, sometimes the upgrades are done gratis, but she did make a point that she does pay sometimes, saying:

"It really is different all the time. I have friends working on flights, sometimes an airline may invite me to upgrade when they know I'm travelling, and I have also paid in the past."

Besides wanting the extra time to work, and focus, Naomi also feels that young children shouldn't be in First or Business class. Naomi feels children shouldn't fly first class until they have appreciation and understanding of money.

However she has also said:

"I personally think young kids shouldn't be allowed in first class, unless they're really well behaved. Our daughter [is] nine and she could sit and read a book, she's experienced luxury hotels and she knows how to behave. But my three-year-old is a boy, he's wild, he'll run around. I wouldn't want to put people through that. I don't think it's fair for people who've paid £10,000 ($13,100) for a seat to have a child running up and down, jumping in front of their face."

She feels that if she doesn't just hand these things to her children, that she will instill work ethic into her children. It will show them to work for what they want.

Of course not everyone agrees with this particular sentiment:


Many people do not support her arguments:




However, other people do:



One person even thought of doing the same:


Naomi Isted isn't the only one feel her children shouldn't travel in first class.

In 2017, Gordon Ramsey said the following about his children flying first class:

"They haven't worked anywhere near hard enough to afford that."

People were a little more supportive of his decision:

Travelling is expensive and can be stressful. It is even more stressful when toting children through airports.

Maybe Naomi's methods are wrong, or maybe is she is setting a good example for her kids. Either way, she's not planning on changing her ways anytime soon.