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Guy Creates A Fake Trump Tweet Just To Get His Dad To Stop Spreading Misinformation About The Pandemic

Pete Marovich-Pool, via Getty Images; @KayDotU/Twitter

With new information flying around the internet about the virus, misinformation is rampant.

One guy couldn't take his dad's fake news pedaling any longer though, so he spoke to him in the language he knew: Trump's Twitter account.

People have trouble knowing where to turn, how to best take care of themselves and their families.

Except some people's dads. Some dads are insanely confident that THEIR NEWS is the TRUE NEWS.

None of that crap news that other people think is true.

fathers day dad GIF Giphy

Unfortunately, all that confidence doesn't make fake news articles or presidential misinformation any more true or reliable.

But what can you do with a father who thinks 45 is the only person who knows the "real truth" and refuses to stop sending conspiracy theory and pseudoscience laden nonsense during a global pandemic?



The fake tweet manufacturer also included his text conversation after sending the image to his dad.


The guy even put together a fake tweet from Boris Johnson, for all those Brits struggling with friends and family spreading fake news across the pond.

Notice how different he made the language for Boris than Trump?


And the irony of using a fake tweet to take down fake news was not lost on him, as another tweet later in the thread showed.

People were extremely grateful to have a weapon against the sea of falsehoods.

A few people even requested versions for countries besides the U.S. and U.K.

And some were rather surprised at how receptive his dad was to the criticism.

Maybe in this case an eye for an eye actually makes the world see.

The book Gaslighting America: Why We Love It When Trump Lies to Us is available here.