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A New 'Fake Plane Ride' Challenge Is Really Taking Off In China

A New 'Fake Plane Ride' Challenge Is Really Taking Off In China

Twitter challenges are some of our favorite things.

Seeing the beautiful citizens of internet come together to play games is kind of fun and magical when you think about it.

You and someone all the way on the other side of the world living in a city you may never even have heard of can totally share a laugh and enjoy the same joke with one another.

You may not be able to play catch together, but you can certainly fake a plane ride.

Yeah, we know that sentence ended on a weird note, but roll with us here.

People in China started a game that the rest of the world is starting to play, and honestly it's pretty great. The game makes light of social media "influencer" culture.

Those pictures looking perfect in exotic locations or on flights to somewhere-you-can't-pronounce that leave people seething with jealousy? Yeah, this challenge is showing us all how easy that is to fake.

The idea is to stage a photo that looks like it was taken out the window of a plane - that's it.

Sounds simple enough, right?

The challenge comes in figuring out exactly how to best "fake" the image. What are you going to use to create the "edge" of the window? What are you going to use for your scenery?

The ingenuity people are using is both hilarious and impressive.

We don't have a lot of examples yet in English-speaking media, but take a look at what we could find.

Hopefully you guys will add some more!

Companies are even using it to promote their products!

Alright guys, you have the knowledge, you've got the ingenuity... show us what you come up with!