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The English And French Posters For 2007's 'Dan In Real Life' Look Like Two Completely Different Movies

Dan in Real Life/Touchstone Pictures, @carynycouch/Twitter

The 2007 film, Dan In Real Life, stars Steve Carell as Dan, Juliette Binoche as his love interest Marie, and Dane Cook as Binoche's boyfriend and Carell's brother, Mitch.

The movie follows Dan, a widower, as he finds new love in Marie only to find out that she's dating his womanizing brother.

It was a moderately successful film, but a recent discovery in how it was marketed has fans wondering if it could have done better.

One Twitter user pointed out the fact that the American movie poster varied greatly from the French version of the poster.

People agreed that the two posters didn't add up to the same movie.

Some felt as the the US version was the better way to go.

But others preferred the foreign poster.

Someone thought that neither poster sufficed.

And one guy shared an even more disjointed movie poster example.

I can't help but wonder what kind of film the French viewers were anticipating from this poster.